Understanding Cybersecurity Technical Certifications

There is a lot of competition in the job market. Having something that helps you stand out to employers is vital. This is why having a cyberspace technical certification will help Advance your career.

When you begin to explore the different possibilities regarding certifications the new information can seem overwhelming. There are a lot of terms you probably have never even heard of before. This article will explore a few of the certifications, their acronyms and what they stand for.

To start with Security+ certification. CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA PenTest+ are very important certifications in the cyber security industry. When you are a Security+ qualified candidate you will stand out from other job applicants. A Security+ certificate holder knows a lot of general information related to the cybersecurity industry. Security+training and exam have requirements even though it is an entry-level certificate. You can obtain the certificate by having two years of relevant experience in a security position with a network. If you get a network plus certification this can help you as a prerequisite to getting your Security+ certification. The US Department of Defense approves the credibility of the CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA PenTest+.  The exams can range in prices but the Security+ exam prep usually runs around $320.

Another term you will find in the world of cybersecurity technical certifications is Security+training. A lot of these courses with training can be taken online. Since most individuals have busy schedules the availability to take these training and exams online is a wonderful benefit. There are also often test exams that you can take to see if you're prepared for the actual exam.

CEH is a term you will want to get familiar with. Hackers are one of the main reasons that cybersecurity exists. Having a cybersecurity specialist helps prevent hackers from stealing sensitive data. Also, a cybersecurity employee can identify when a hacker may be actively stealing information from a company. CEH stands for a certified ethical hacker. This is not an entry-level certification. This is considered more of an advanced or intermediate level certification. If an individual wants to go after a career in the ethical hacking field they will need this certification. These individuals will be trained how to identify vulnerable areas and software. There is only one exam related to a CEH certification. The CEH training course usually last about 5 days. There are also CEH exam prep and additional CEH training to help you be successful. Take advantage of all of the opportunities at your disposal.

Click here for more information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Certified_Information_Systems_Security_Professional.

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